Monday, August 26, 2019

17 Fun and Easy Ways to Learn English for ESL Learners

 learning English well 


studying english fun

Listening to music while you study English  


studying english fun scrabble
 strengthen your English vocabulary


studying english fun youtube
  nine awesome YouTube channels that you can use to study English!


studying english fun watching TV
  10 best modern American sitcoms to learn English
 modern  10 best ’90s sitcoms for learning English 10 best sci-fi shows to learn English


studying english fun coffee shop


studying english fun conversation
 Conversation Exchange



studying english fun movie
   this complete guide to learning English through movies and films modern American classics  classic American film


FluentU lets you learn with engaging videos like commercials, news and TV shows 


   free online ESL games






studying english fun
   FluentU  Lyrics Training 


studying english fun
  fantastic blogs out there about learning English




studying english fun apps
   Here are the current eight best smartphone apps for ESL learners.


  BEl C A U S E


  you can watch all the videos for inspiration on YouTube



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