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Nationalities and Their Stereotypes

Stereotypes explain a commonly held thought about a group of people in general or a specific type of person. Such commonly held stereotypes, regardless of accuracy, include obese people eat too much, all Asians are adept at martial arts, or many homeless are lazy who also have alcohol or drug addictions. Although positive stereotypes do exist, they almost always generate negative associations.

Stereotypes may seem laughable at first, yet they are difficult to ignore. Even worse, they slowly influence people. Over a long period of time, stereotypes become viewed as normal or typical, which then leads to prejudice and unfair treatment. People targeted by stereotypes may be unable to overcome these negative views. Society may also prevent them from succeeding in school or work.


· Goths are black clothes, black makeup, depressed, hated by society. A
· Punks are mohawks, spikes, chains, menace to society, always getting in trouble.

Answer the questions after your read the article:

1: What does the article say about positive stereotypes?
2: What sort of problems can happen because of stereotypes?

Discuss. Remember to support your answers.1: What sort of stereotypes have you heard? Please explain.
2: What sort of stereotypes are there in your country? Please explain.
3: Have you ever been the victim of a stereotype? How did it make you feel?

Activity AWrite down the typical characteristics of a 5 different types of nationalities. You may pick which 5 nationalities.

The exercise is, of course, a matter of personal opinion. For example,

• The French are proud ...

• The Irish are talkative ...

• The Italians are loud ...

• The Spanish are passionate ...

• The Dutch ...

• The Germans ...

• The Swiss ...

• The Swedish ...

• The Americans ...

• The Japanese ...

• The Indians are ...

• The Swiss ...

Activity B
Reveal your choices and your stereotypes.
Debate the correctness or truth of the choices.

Activity CBelow you will find a list of the stereotypical characteristics of the "typical Englishman" and from an individual from the Basque country. Write your corresponding stereotypes under the heading "You". Then we will compare.

                                           English                              Basque                                          You

Works:                               In a bank                             Factory

Lives:                                In a house                            In a flat

Hobby:                              Gardening                            Watch TV, hill-walking

Carries:                               An umbrella                           -

Drinks:                                Tea                                      Coffee

Eats:                               Plain, Elaborate                      Simple food

Newspaper:                      The Times                                -

Favourite part of paper: Crossword                            Sport section

Wears:                            Dark suit/clothes                     Colourful

                                       and a bowler hat

Talks about:                  The weather                             Family, friends, weather ...

Loves:                          The Royal Family                               -



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