Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What's up?

Search for errors of grammar, spelling, or punctuation in this essay. Add missing punctuation and correct errors of spelling and grammar. Can you find at least 20 errors?

On sunday morning, I sat down to breakfast with me mother. “You know, theirs something I’ve been think about,” I told her. “I’ve been thinking about how much trouble one little word can cause.”

What are you talking about?” my mother asked.

“Well, think about it,” I said. “Its easy to understand the word up when it means toward the sky or at the top of the list, but why do we wake up in the morning? In school, why does a topic come up? Why do I have too read up on the civil war? Why is it up to me to remember to do my homework.”

“I see what you mean,” my mother said. “I was just reading that the mayor is up for election. When I get to work, I have to right up a report.”

“We call up our friends, we warm up the leftovers, and clean up the kitchen,” I laughed.”

“We lock up the house. I hate getting dressed up. We open up a drain that is stopped up. It clouds up, then it clears up Then we fix up the old car.”

“You sound really fed up, my mother chuckled. “Or are you just mixed up.”

“I looked up the word up in websters dictionary and it took up a hole column!” I said, all most ready to loose it. “I think it’s time to speak up!”

“Don’t go and stir up trouble,” my Mother said. “You don’t want to wind up with a bigger problem do you?”

“Your right,” I said. “All this thinking has really help me work up an appetite though. May I have some more eggs?”

“Coming right up!” my mother said.



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