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Sorry, boring for some of you, but important to others

Translating from German to English (or the opposite!) is not easy at all.

Look at this:  Gehst du oft ins Kino?
Word for word translation: Go you often in cinema? 
No no!  That is not right..                                                 
Correct: Do you often go to the cinema?  
In English we need the auxiliary verb 'do' or 'does' for present simple questions and negative of regular and irregular verbs.

But for the verb 'to be'(sein) it is easier.
Welche Farbe hat Ihr Auto?
What colour is your car? 

Have a go:

page 27
1.       Claire is French.  She is from Paris.
2.       Could you please buy some bananas?(Could you buy some bananas pleae?)
3.       Are the children at home?  No they are playing.
4.       Mark is very strong.
5.       The sun is shining and we’re(we are) laying on the beach.
6.       Your friends are nice.
7.       “Which dress do you like?” ‘This one(here) is nicer.’
8.       We aren’t(are not) married.
9.       The weather isn’t(is not) nice today, but it isn’t(is not) cold.
10.   ‘Would you like a piece of cake?’
11.   Tom has(got) a new computer.
12.   It’s(It is) a big house but the kitchen is very small.
13.   Does Susan have(Has Susan got) a new bicycle?
14.   How often do you go out in the evening?
15.   Does he work a lot?
16.   Do you like fish?
Key        page 28                Grammar  Practice
1.       on the wall
2.       on a ship
3.       in the sky
4.       at a party
5.       on the ceiling
6.       at the doctor’s
7.       on the second floor
8.       at work
9.       on a plane
10.   in a taxi
11.   at a wedding
12.   at the top of a hill

in/ at oder on

1.       at

2.       on

3.       at

4.       at

5.       in

6.       in

7.       on

8.       at

9.       in

10.   at

11.   on

12.   in

13.   at

14.   in

15.   on, at


1.       We live on the third floor.

2.       Is that you in this picture ?

3.       Thomas isn’t at work today.  He’s/He is  at the doctor’s.

4.       Why is the/that chair(standing) in the middle of the room ?

5.       I often sleep on the train/on trains.

6.        ‘Did you go out last night/yesterday evening ?’ ‘No, I stayed at home.’

7.       Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

8.       That’s a nice/beautiful picture on the wall.

9.       We can meet at/in the restaurant.

10.   ‘Could you please sign your name at the bottom of this page?




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