Friday, October 3, 2014

Street Art

Street art is, by definition, an urban phenomenon — it’s called “street art,” after all, not “dirt road art.”

But a group of renowned street artists whose murals adorn buildings in cities around the world have embarked on an endeavor evocative of the Land Art movement.

For example:

Painted Desert Project 

The Project was spearheaded by Chip Thomas, Artist, who came across a Stretch of Highway in northern Arizona, the Painted Desert, and decided to get to work....

He pasted a few of his own large-scale images onto the sides of buildings, and before he knew it other artists began adding their own pieces. Now the project has become a little more organized, and artists are being invited out to work on new large-scale pieces in the desert.

The list of artists signed up to participate — or who have already completed their murals — is a veritable who’s who of the street art scene, including the likes of Gaia, Chris Stain, Labrona, Overunder, Doodles, Yote, and more. Their often intricate and colorful works make for surreal juxtapositions with the pristine surrounding landscape.

The only other comparable project, appropriately enough, is at the other end of Arizona.

The Boneyard Project 

The Boneyard near Tuscon features a fleet of abandoned aircraft that have been painted by a similarly eclectic set of artists. Its roster of participants includes the likes of Dan Colen, Kenny Scharf, and Ron English, making it a decidedly less DIY and community-driven endeavor than the Painted Desert Project. You can follow its progress on Chip Thomas’s blog.

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