Sunday, October 12, 2014

Countable & Uncountable Nouns

A chair is in the room.  Some chairs are in the room.
There is a table in the office.  There are some tables in the office.
I like cream on my apple pie.  Some creme is nice on my apple pie.
Can I have a snack?  There are some snacks on the kitchen table.
Would you like some Swiss chocolate?  Chocolate is fine.


A. Are these nouns countable or uncountable?
  1. water
  2. fruit
  3. coconut
  4. bread
  5. DVD
  6. meat
  7. ball
  8. snack
  9. glasses
  10. pen
  11. milk
  12. chair
  13. gasoline
  14. table
  15. cream
  16. money
  17. oil
  18. insect
  19. sofa
  20. yogurt
  21. school
  22. bus
  23. food 
  24. chocolate
  25. ship 
  1. water (U) some water
  2. fruit (U) some fruit
  3. coconut (C) a cocunet
  4. bread (U)some bread
  5. DVD (C)5 DVDs
  6. meat (U)soma sofae meat
  7. ball (C)a ball
  8. snack (C)a snack
  9. glasses (C)some glasses
  10. pen (C)a pen
  11. milk (U)some milk
  12. chair(C)a chair
  13. gasoline (U) some gasoline
  14. table (C)a table
  15. cream (U)some cream
  16. money (U)some money
  17. oil (U)some oil
  18. insect(C)an insect
  19. sofa (C) a sofa
  20. yogurt(U) some yogurt
  21. school (C) a school
  22. bus (C) a bus
  23. food (U) some food
  24. chocolate (U) some chocolate
  25. ship (C) a ship



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