Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Write your own Artist Bio

A biography is a quick yet important summary of your CV. It belongs in your portfolio. It will change and transform as you change and transform. It is a summary of how you got to where you are in life. It is written in prose and in the third person (like a novel or story).  Basically you are writing about yourself using the ‘he’ or ‘she’ form. The Artist’s Bio may also say something about key themes to your ‘inner artist’.    

It is one to two paragraphs and is usually around one half of a page. The bio (also known as biog) gives information such as where you went to school, what degrees/education you have, if you've led or participated in any workshops, major exhibitions where your artwork has been exhibited and any major collections that your work is a part of.  
Sample Artist Bio CLICK  HERE


Key information in an artist’s biography:

·   Your name & where you are from

·   When you were born

·   What you are creating;  the medium that you work in(or are interested in)

·   A sentence about the key themes, concerns of your practice

·   Your background in this medium (schooling, past projects, shows, awards…)

·   Your education (include art related education)

·   What you are working on currently (themes, projects, ideas…)

·   Other interesting information relevant to your practice or career as an artist (e.g. collaborations or arts collectives, aspects of your career that inform your practice)

·   Where you live, work, or study now/ upcoming exhibitions, residencies or study plans

·   Written in the 3rd person (he, she form)

·   Keep it short and simple

·   Cool picture or formal picture

Depending on where the bio is being displayed you could be as formal or casual as you want. What is most important is that you are accurately represented!

An Artist’s Bio is as individual as you are.

To begin, write a list/outline to plan what is important to mention.



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