Friday, September 13, 2013

say or tell

Tell and say have the same meaning, but they are used differently:


                                   a lie                                                      your name
                                the truth                                                           sorry
                                the time                                                     a prayer
                             a joke/story                                                 something
            the difference between two things                     thank you/hello/goodbye
                       someone what to do                                           yes /no

Tell always needs a personal object in a sentence:

He told me a lie.
I told him to stop shouting

Say doesn’t need a personal object, but “to + personal object” can be added at the end of necessary:

He said sorry (to me).

Compare these two sentences (which both mean the same):
                                                           He told me something.
                                                           He said something (to me).

We use sayin direct speech:

He said, “Hello.”


________the time                               ________the truth

________ a prayer                             ________hello

________your name                           ________a lie

________something                            ________a joke

________sorry                                   ________a story

________the difference                       ________the police the story

________yes                                      ________someone a secret

________a story



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