Thursday, December 6, 2012

Happy Swiss Sami Claus Day!

Quick History Lesson

St. Nikolaus was a Saint with roots in Myra. He passed away on December 6 in the year 343. There are lots of accounts about this extraordinary bishop who was well known for his generosity. The modern day St. Nicholas in Wil would tell one of the stories which is age appropriate for the kids attending. “It seems clear that younger kids believe in Samichlaus, but we never claim to be St. Nicholas himself.”
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Thank you Newly Swissed



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Word of the Month


(adj): Sacred, divine, blessed.

Holiday: a holy or festive day; a day off, vacation (also sacred)

Expressions: Holy Cow! Literally true in India.

Ex: Holly Mackerel! Delicious, healthy and full of mercury.

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