Sunday, February 5, 2012

5 basic Patterns

Subject + Verb
I swim. Joe swims. They swam.

Subject + Verb + Object
I drive a car. Joe plays the guitar. They ate dinner.

Subject + Verb + Complement
I am busy. Joe became a doctor. They look sick.

Subject + Verb + Indirect Object + Direct Object
I gave her a gift. She teaches us English.

Subject + Verb + Object + Complement
I left the door open. We elected him president. They named her Jane.

Now put this to the test by connecting to this LINK



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Word of the Month


(adj): Sacred, divine, blessed.

Holiday: a holy or festive day; a day off, vacation (also sacred)

Expressions: Holy Cow! Literally true in India.

Ex: Holly Mackerel! Delicious, healthy and full of mercury.

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