Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Life without Money

Use these words to fill in the gaps.

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I’m___________(1) Schwermer, a 63-year-old German woman, __________(2) lived without money for the __________(3) ten years and has written a __________(4) about her experiences called ‘My __________(5) without money’. At the age __________(6) 54 Heidemarie gave up her __________(7) as a psychotherapist, gave away __________(8) her money and her flat __________(9) threw away her credit cards. __________(10), apart from a few clothes (__________(11) sweaters, two skirts, two pairs __________(12) shoes, and a coat) and a __________(13) personal belongings, she doesn’t own __________(14). It began as a one-year __________(15). In her home city of __________(16) she set up a ‘swapping __________(17)’ where people swap services without __________(18) money, for example, a haircut __________(19) a mathematics class. To prove __________(20) this could work she decided __________(21) give up using money for a __________(22). But when the year ended __________(23) continued and has not used __________(24) since then. At first she __________(25) for friends who were on __________(26). She stayed in their house __________(27) return for watering the plants __________(28) looking after their animals. At __________(29) moment she is staying in a __________(30) residence where she can sleep, __________(31) a shower, or use a __________(32) in return for cooking for __________(33) young people who live there. __________(34) also ‘works’ as a psychotherapist. ‘__________(35) I treated very wealthy people __________(36) now I help anyone who __________(37) up. Sometimes they give me __________(38) in return, but not always.’ __________(39) says, ‘I can live thanks __________(40) my contacts. A lot of __________(41) who know me understand what __________(42) doing and want to help __________(43). When I need a bus __________(44), for example, or a new __________(45) of toothpaste I think, “Who __________(46) I ask? What can I __________(47) them in return?” If I __________(48) to go to the cinema I __________(49) offer to look after somebody’s __________(50) for the afternoon. ‘It is __________(51) of the mistakes of our __________(52) that most people do something __________(53) don’t like just to earn __________(54) and spend it on things __________(55) don’t need. Many people judge __________(56) according to how much you __________(57). In my opinion, all jobs __________(58) equally important. You may not __________(59) a lot of money but __________(60) may be worth a lot __________(61) a person. That’s my message’. __________(62) what did she do with __________(63) the money she earned from __________(64) sales of ‘My life without __________(65)’? ‘I gave it all away…’



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