Monday, May 2, 2011

Multiple Choice

B-1 Practice

Read the text below and choose the correct word for each space.

A lot of people 1 ……… flu during the winter and early spring.
A fetch
B catch
C hold
D put

This 2 ……… can be quite serious
A bruise
B pain
C accident
D illness

and it’s always 3 ……….
A best
B worst
C most
D least

to go straight to bed if you think it’s the flu. You should
drink 4 ………
A many
B plenty
C much
D several

of water but it’s better not to eat 5 ……… .
A nothing
B something
C everything
D anything

You probably won’t
6 ………. like eating anyway,
A look
B be
C feel
D want

especially if you have a 7 ……… throat.
A fit
B cut
C hard
D sore

8 ……… your temperature regularly
A Take
B Get
C Have
D Make

and if you have a 9 ……… ,
A sprain
B wound
C fever
D earache

bring it down with aspirin 10 ……… . It isn’t usually necessary to see a doctor.
A plasters
B tablets
C bandages
D medicine




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