Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Describing People

How often do people ask you about someone, and you have to describe them? More often than not, Im assuming.

The following exercise will ask you to use phrases to use for describing a person with basic personal information, as well as likes & dislikes and personal appearance.

Describe Your Person

His/her name is ______________.


is _____ years old.

is _______________. (Nationality)

speaks ___________. (Language)

is from _______________.
lives in _______________.

is single / PACSed / married / divorced / widowed.
has a boyfriend / a girlfriend.
has ___ children / ___ daughter(s) and ___ son(s).

likes ___________+ing.
likes to ____________.

doesn't like ___________+ing.
doesn't like to ___________.

What does he/she look like?


is tall / short.
is fat / skinny.

has long / short hair.
has black / brown / red / blond / gray hair.
is bald.

has brown / blue / hazel / green eyes.

wears glasses / contacts / braces.

wears a hat / earrings / a necklace / a bracelet / a ring.

has a mustache / a beard.

has a piercing / a tattoo.



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