Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Look: past simple 'to be' / PV III Gymnasium English Handbook key page 87


1. Last year she was 13 so she is 14 now. 

2.  Today the weather is nice, but yesterday it was very cold.
3.  I am hungry.
4.  I feel fine this morning but I felt very tired last night.
5.  Where were you at 11 o’clock last Friday?
6.  They are very expensive.
7.  I like your jacket. Was it expensive?
8.  This time last year I was in Paris.
9.  Where are the children?  They were in the garden ten minutes ago!

 1. We weren't happy with the hotel.
2. John wasn’t at work last week because he was ill.
3. Yesterday was a public holiday so the shops were closed.
4. ‘Were Sue and Bill at the party?’ Sue was there but Bill wasn’t.
5.  They were on the table.
6. You weren’t at home last night.  Where were you?
2. Was your exam difficult?
3. Where were Ann and Chris last week?
4.  How much was your new camera?
5. Was the weather nice last wek?
6. Why were you angry yesterday?

yesterday evening=Gestern Abend
last night= Gestern Nacht
1.       I was at a party last night and today I’m really tired!
2.       Ben was in hospital last week but (now) he is back to work (now).     
3.       Was Jenny at school yesterday?
4.       “Where were you last weekend?” “We were in the mountains.”
5.       Why were you tired this morning?
6.       Joe came to work late yesterday.
7.       “Where are my new shoes?” “I don’t know.  They were under the table yesterday.”




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