Friday, March 1, 2013

Adjectives and negative verbs

Complete each sentence with one of these adjectives
and  an appropriate negative form.

impartial          impetuous           implausible           ineffective          inevitable          inhibited

1 If the heavy rain continues, flooding will be______________ in some low-lying areas and many

people________ be able to get out in time.

2 Students who feel__________  __________ confident or relaxed enough to say what

they think.

3 The new director is rather_______________ and he’s just_____________ doing a very good job.

4 Heidi is very_______________ and _____________think carefully before she acts or makes


5 It’s very important for judges to be___________ and __________to give special

support to any one person or group.

6 Torsten’s explanation for being late was really__________ and made__________

sense to anyone.

1 inevitable … won’t
2 inhibited ...  aren’t
3 ineffective … not
4 impetuous … doesn’t
5 impartial … not
6 implausible ... no



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