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Learning a language shouldn't be difficult.

At LERNFORUM, we like connecting people with learning opportunities and creative ideas together with our friendly and knowledgeable native-English speaking team. Whether learning holiday English, taking an exam, or preparing to work or study abroad, our qualified and competent team is the place to start. We offer E-learning and virtuell classroom options for our busy clients.

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T: (+41) 81 353 63 62

Torrie Gruber
English Department,  from the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.
B.A. Ed., Cambridge CELTA, Swiss SVEB


Torrie is your go-to for all things English. Torrie is known for her upbeat style, and has the ability to inspire others with her positive and engaging communication style, always looking to help build the best experience for her team and students. Best of all, she loves bringing the skill of communication to others through speaking English. Contact Torrie for General English questions including private, Special Purposes, Academic, E-learning and Certificate studies.

Danny Rämi
Teacher, Cambridge CELTA Swiss SVEB, Switzerland

Teachers should be able to show their students that English has less to do with a grammar book and that it is a language spoken by ordinary people- students, business people, holiday makers- just like in their own language. Danny is very diligent and uses her open personality to reach students in a direct and engaging way. Her students like her upbeat style. Danny is a must for young learners and adults alike.

Lisa Ziegler-Laine
Teacher, B.A. English, M.B.A., Cambridge CELTA, from Canada

Lisa is a transplanted Canadian with zeal and zest for life. Her studies prepared her well to teach not only general but also business English. Living and working in Switzerland for the past 25 years has made her even more aware of how important English acquisition is. There is never a dull moment when learning with Lisa. Her experience and success as an English teacher are the real thing.

Mary Tandy McGlasson
Teacher, B.A. Ed., from Orange County, California, U.S.A.

Mary is a dedicated teacher with a passion for motivating students to grow. As in most things challenging, she believes that sometimes the most important step in trying something new is having the courage to start. For her learning is a way of life and a hobby! It is fun to learn and grow, especially in English. Originally from Southern California, her diverse background in theatre, music, and education comes to life in her classroom. Mary’s core belief is that teaching is more a joy than it is a job. Contact Mary if you are interested in developing your English competency.

Stephanie Hlavinka
English as a foreign language Teacher, from Mauritius

Charlemagne said 'To have another language is to possess another soul!'
Languages have always been a great passion of mine and I love seeing the smile on people’s face when I can communicate with them in their language. I love challenges and I don’t believe in giving up. Learning a language is full of challenges and in a fun and positive way I want to encourage my students to brave through and experience the numerous benefits of learning English.



Welcome to English at LERNFORUM Chur.  We teach English one to one or in small, personalised groups at every level and for every English language need. Cambridge and Swiss qualified, we're mother-language speaking, and most importantly, have a passion for helping you speak English.

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