Tuesday, February 11, 2020

verb 'to be' negative sentences

This is a fun exercise.  Can you write the negative?
0. This is fun.  This isn't fun.

  1. I am hungry.
  2. She is thirsty.
  3. They are friendly.
  4. It is a nice cat. 
  5. They are farmers.
  6. His name is John.
  7. She is a technical salesperson.
  8. They are speaking French.
  9. We're happy.
  10. He is happy with his job.

  1. I'm not hungry.
  2. She isn't thirsty.
  3. They aren't friendly.
  4. It isn't a nice cat. 
  5. They aren't farmers.
  6. His name isn't John.
  7. She isn't a technical salesperson.
  8. They aren't speaking French.
  9. We aren't happy.
  10. He isn't happy with his job.



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