Sunday, October 13, 2019

25 Different Ways to Say “Said” - Part 2

Angry Said Words 
Sadly, many things are said in anger. These verbs can help to mark what kind of anger was behind what was being said. 

This verb can be used in place of “said” if someone wishes to express emotion in a sudden and violent way. “Don’t touch my stuff!” exploded Jenny to her brother. 

When someone is angry, this verb can be used to express that anger. 
“Why can’t I go to the party?” fumed Jenny after being grounded. 

People use this verb after hearing some bad news as it means that something is said in a loud and angry way. Sarah howled that she could not go on after hearing the devastating news. 

This is when someone talks to somebody else in a serious or angry way, perhaps to criticise their behaviour. “You should know better,” lectured John to his daughter after he caught her fighting with her younger brother. 

This means that someone refuses to accept what someone else is saying in a rather rude way. 
“That was not what happened at all,” rebuffed the witness when questioned by police.

Say It Again 
Not only do we repeat what others have said, but what we are saying is a repetition as well. These two verbs are a great way to say “repeat”, but with more style. 

This verb means that something is read out loud, normally from memory, for a group of people or an audience. Fred recited the poem to his friends in such a soothing manner they were practically falling asleep. 

This verb is used instead of “say” because it is used to express a point that has already been mentioned previously, for emphasis. “You’re not getting next week off,” reiterated my boss after I asked him about the holidays for a second time. 

Speak Positively 
After so many different feelings, it is important to note how to say things in a positive manner. 

This verb is used to make something seem good or attractive to convince someone else to do something, too. Julia recommended watching the film at night to make it seem even scarier. 

Using “praised” instead of “said” is done to express real approval of someone or something. 
“The emergency services have done a fantastic job!” praised the mayor. 

We use this verb to speak about something in an approving way or to confirm that something is good or necessary. 
“You’ll have the best time in Spain,” preached Jane to her son before he left for his travels. 

Now it’s your turn! Now that you know 25 other ways to express “said” in English, you should try to memorise them and their contexts. Then you can incorporate them and use them in your own English. 



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