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Modal Verbs Exercises

Exercises: Can, Could, Be able to
Fill in the correct form of can, could or be able to as in the examples.
  1. Ben could not help his little brother with his homework yesterday.
  2. Can I call you later tonight?
  3. _______ Tony run long distances when he was a boy?
  4. ______ you please call a tow truck for me? My car broke down. (polite)
  5. The students _______ to buy their textbooks today. The bookstore is all out of them.
  6. ______ you teach me how to fix my computer? You’re so good at it.
  7. ______ you ______ reach the customer if you call him at 4:00 his time?

  1. Could
  2. Could
  3. aren’t able
  4. Can
  5. Will/be able to

Exercises: May / Might
Fill in the correct form of may or might as in the example.
  1. May I sit here?
  2. They ______ finish the project on time. The main engineer is ill.
  3. You _____ want to stop by the museum gift shop on your way out.
  4. _____ I have your autograph?
  5. He _______ visit the Louvre. He’s in Paris anyway.
  6. You ______ park your car here. It’s reserved for guests of the hotel only.

  1. might not
  2. might
  3. May
  4. may as well
  5. may not

Exercises: Should, Shouldn’t, Ought To
Fill in should, shouldn’t or ought in the following sentences as in the example.
  1. He shouldn’t encourage such bad behavior.
  2. You _____ get your teeth cleaned at least once a year.
  3. The house ______ be ready to move into by next month. It’s almost finished.
  4. Ron ________ to improve his attitude. If he doesn’t, he might get fired.
  5. ________ I get your jacket? It’s cold in here.
  6. You ________ put your feet on the table. It’s not polite.

  1. should
  2. should
  3. ought
  4. shall
  5. shouldn’t

Exercises: Must, Have to, Need to, Don’t Have to, Needn’t
Fill in the blanks with one of these modals:
must, must not, have to, has to, don’t have to, doesn’t have to, needn’t as in the examples.
There may be more than one correct answer.
  1. Shira doesn’t have to drive to the airport. She’s going by taxi.
  2. You must speak politely to the customers.
  3. You ______ tell Anna about the party tomorrow night. It’s a surprise! (must not, need to, doesn’t have to)
  4. Tina _______ register for her classes on Monday, otherwise she won’t get a place in them. (doesn’t have to, mustn’t, has to)
  5. You ________ send that fax. I’ve already sent it. (must, will have to, don’t have to)
  6. A dog ______ get special training in order to be a guide dog. (must, need to, don’t have to)
  7. Jeremy _______ get up early tomorrow. His class was cancelled. (mustn’t, doesn’t have to, don’t need to)

  1. must not
  2. has to
  3. don’t have to
  4. must
  5. doesn’t have to

Exercises: will, would
Fill in the blanks with one of the following words: will, won’t, would, wouldn’t.
  1. Will you please help me lift this box?
  2. I ______ like to order the onion soup please.
  3. The manager _______ be pleased to hear that a customer slipped on the wet floor.
  4. _______ it be okay if I slept here tonight?
  5. When Igor lived in Russia, he ________ call his mother as often as he does now.
  6. I can assure you sir, the order ______ be shipped out tonight.

  1. would
  2. won’t
  3. would
  4. wouldn’t
  5. will



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