Friday, December 15, 2017

Gap Fill 1 Practice III.Gymnasium

Do you know this man?
Fill in the gaps with the correct word.
The key will be posted next week. 

Two we____ ago a man walked into a police station in Brighton, United Kingdom, w___ a bruise on his head and a cut over his left e__.  He can’t remember his name or where he co___ from.  In fact, he can r____ nothing about his life. 

He is ab___  25 years old.  He is rather tall, about 2.10 metres and he’s got cu___ black hair and blue eyes.  When he ar___ at the police station he was wearing a long sl___ blue polo shirt, dark b___ jeans, and a pair of brown leather sh___. He had a green rucksack and wore a dark br___ leather ja___.  Police found no identification or paperwork in the rucksack.   They f___a wallet with 22 pounds, a bus pass, a folding um___,  a pair of su___, a bottle of water and a photo of a woman.  The woman in the photo is t___ and t___ and has long blonde hair, grey eyes, and is wearing a red mini skirt w___ a white blouse. He thinks maybe she is his gi___ but he can’t remember for sure.

He has a British accent and spe___ only English. He thinks his n___ is James Moore but police and birth records can find no information ab___ him. A photograph of h___ was sent to missing persons organisations  all over the co___ but until n___ no one has called.  Do you have any information about t___ person?  Pl___ contact your local police station!        

Bring by your completed sheet and we can check it together!

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