Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ideal company

Work with a partner. 

1. Look at the criteria for an ideal company and choose the five most important and the five least important.

My ideal company:
  • has a female CEO 
  • gives six months’ paid maternity leave and 
  • one month paid paternity leave 
  • has a crèche facility 
  • has a good quality canteen 
  • gives equal pay to women and men 
  • gives employees a laptop computer and 
  • mobile phone for business and personal use 
  • has opportunities for promotion and personal development 
  • awards bonuses and gives fringe benefits to employees 
  • provides at least six weeks’ training a year 
  • has an annual staff party 
  • has a generous company pension scheme 
  • allows women with three children to retire at 55 
  • has a gym and sports facilities 
  • pays one month extra salary to employees who have a new baby or who get married 

2. Make sentences about your ideal boss from the prompts below using the adverbs of frequency in the box. Then compare your sentences with a partner. 

My ideal boss:
  • reads my e-mails 
  • lets me make personal calls at work 
  • takes me out to dinner 
  • has regular update meetings with me 
  • sends me on trips 
  • calls me by my first name 
  • phones me at home to discuss work 
  • leaves me to get on with my work 
  • chats about his/her family and other 
  • non work-related topics 
  • brings me coffee 
  • sets regular deadlines and targets 
  • lets me leave work early 
  • says thank you 
  • praises me 
  • gives me lots of responsibility 
  • lets me work from home



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