Wednesday, June 21, 2017

60-second pitch

Read the definition of a 60-second pitch:

Imagine that you have a business idea and you’ve been trying for weeks to set up a meeting with the CEO to discuss it. One day, as you walk into the cafeteria at work to get your morning coffee, there he is, standing by the coffee machine. This is your chance to tell him your idea. But you haven’t got much time. You’ve got to make a ‘60-second pitch’ – a description of your idea which is easy for anybody to understand and doesn’t take longer than 60 seconds to say. That’s time for about 150–225 words.

Put the lines (a–i, and j–r) of this 60-second pitch about introducing a customer loyalty scheme in the correct order. The first one in each section has been done for you. 

 competitors. Second, we can attract new customers by offering 
 introduce a customer loyalty scheme. First, it’s a very simple and 
 quantities. It will also discourage many customers from going to our 
 There are a number of reasons why I think it would be a good idea to (answer: l)
 of-mouth recommendations from our existing customers. 
 our products, and it should mean they buy more often and in larger 
 attractive benefits such as discounts, exclusive offers and guaranteed price 
 effective way of encouraging our existing customers to continue to buy 
 matching. In turn, this will bring in more customers through word- 

 with their loyalty card, details of the purchase can be stored 
 business which is essential for the long term success of our company. 
 habits and this information will help us to target them more 
m offers or information about products which we already know will 
 Third, if we use a loyalty card system, we can carry out detailed market (answer: 10)
 electronically. From this we can build up a profile of their buying 
 interest them. Finally, if we have loyal customers, we will have repeat 
 effectively in the future. We can also send them news of special 
 research on our customers. Every time a customer buys something 

3 Choose one of the topics below and make a 60-second pitch to your CEO (your partner). 

    • How your company could cut costs 
    • Setting up a new branch of the company 
    • Introducing a new product or service Changing the company name/logo 
    • Increasing the research and development budget 
    • The need to recruit more staff 
    • Having TV advertising to promote the company 
    • Introducing a company newsletter for customers 



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