Wednesday, March 29, 2017

I Like Flowers

Listen and fill in the missing words below. 

I like the flowers

I like the d.......

I like the m......

I like the roll... hills

I like the f...side

When the ..... are low

bom di ada, bom di ada,

bom di ada, bombom di ada,

bom di ada, bom di ada,

bom ....

Proverbs & Sayings

> April showers bring May flowers.

> Flowers look different in different eyes.

> Not all the flowers of a tree produce fruit.

> "True friendship is like a rose: we don't  realize its beauty until it fades." (Evelyn Loeb)

Do you have any more that you can add? Do you have any in your native language that would be translatable? 



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Word of the Month


(adj): Sacred, divine, blessed.

Holiday: a holy or festive day; a day off, vacation (also sacred)

Expressions: Holy Cow! Literally true in India.

Ex: Holly Mackerel! Delicious, healthy and full of mercury.

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