Monday, January 30, 2017

How to describe someone's facial hair in English Level A2

Ever see a man with hair on his face and wonder how to describe it in English? Here's how!

Facial hair actions

We usually say "___ has a ___." For example,
My dad has a beard.
When someone's facial hair isn't complete yet, you can say that they are "growing a ___":
I'm growing a mustache.
But if you have facial hair already, you "grow it out":
I'm trying to grow out my beard.
If your beard is a ltitle too long, you "trim" it.

Types of facial hair

Second, you should know the difference between a "beard" and a "mustache". A beard covers most of a person's face. A mustache just covers the part above the person's lip, although the sides of it can hang down long or stick out to the sides.
goatee is hair that's mostly just around the mouth area. It can be on the chin under the mouth, and may or may not include a mustache.
Sideburns are grown on the side of a man's face. They hang down from his hair.

What about people without facial hair?

When someone shaves their facial hair, you can say that they are "clean-shaven". If they go a day or two without shaving, they might develop a "five o'clock shadow". That describes someone with a bit of stubble, which is hair that's just barely poking out of the skin.
Some men don't grow a lot of hair on their faces. You might describe someone like that as "baby-faced", though he probably won't like that phrase!



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