Friday, December 16, 2016

Chocolate Lovers!

Im a big chocolate lover - Im guilty of sneaking off into the kitchen to snag a bite. It really is that bad. Now, with Christmas behind us, and the New Year sneaking up on us I think it might be time to put chocolate to rest, at least for a month ;) However, before I start this short lived new years resolution of mine, why not find out just how chocolate is made...

Check out the video on the history channel, then pop back on over here to take the quiz.

How Chocolate is Made Quiz

1. True, false, or not given? Hershey is the world’s largest producer of chocolate.
A. False
B. True
C. Not given

2. True, false, or not given? Chocolate bars contain more cocoa than any other ingredient.
A. False
B. True
C. Not given

3. What is chocolate also known as in the United States?
A. Cookies
B. Candy
C. Sweeties

4. The Hershey company headquarters is in which US state?
A. Pennsylvania
B. California
C. Texas

5. How much chocolate does the company use annually?
A. Four billion pounds
B. Two hundred million pounds
C. Six hundred million pounds

6. How much sugar does the company use annually?
A. Six hundred million pounds
B. Four hundred million pounds
C. Not given

7. What happens to the beans before they end up as a chocolate liquor?
A. They are shelled, toasted, tossed and ground
B. The are cleaned, roasted, shelled and ground
C. They are cleaned, sorted, polished and ground

8. What is the chocolate liquor blended with before it is sent for refining?
A. Milk solids and sweeteners
B. Sugar and spice
C. Butter and sweeteners

9. How long are cocoa beans left to ferment after being picked?
A. Three days
B. Six days
C. A week

10. What is produced as a bi-product of fermentation?
A. Ethanol
B. Alcohol
C. Methanol

Answer Key

1. A. Not given
Reasoning: The video doesn’t say. It only tells us that Hershey is the largest producer of chocolate in the US.

2. A. False
Reasoning: Chocolate contains more sugar than any other ingredient.

3. B. Candy

4. A. Pennsylvania

5. C. Six hundred million pounds

6. C. Not given
Reasoning: The vide doesn’t say how much the company uses.

7. B: They are cleaned, roasted, shelled and ground

8. A. Milk solids and sweeteners

9. B. Six days

10. Ethanol



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