Monday, July 6, 2015

A Day at the Space Station

Dr. Tina is a scientist. She works in the space station. In the morning, she makes new medicines. There is no gravity so it is easier to make them. In the afternoon Dr. Tina walks in space. In the evening, Dr. Tina has a rest. She looks out of the window. There is a sunrise or sunset every fifty five minutes. Then at ten p.m. she goes to bed. She sleeps in a special sleeping bag, so she does not float away.


What does Dr. Tina do in the morning? _____________________________________

When does Dr. Tina go for a space walk? ____________________________________

How often is there a sunset or sunrise? _____________________________________

Why does Dr. Tina sleep in a special sleeping bag? _____________________________________

When is sunrise on Earth?
a) in the night b) in the morning c) in the evening



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