Friday, October 18, 2013

Review of the Simple Present and Present Progressive Tenses.

Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in simple present tense or present progressive tense.

Rachel's Diary – Do Not Touch!!!

September 29, 2010 – My First Day Here
Today (be) _______
(1) the first day at my new school. Right now, it is lunch time, and all of the students (eat) _______ _________(2) their lunches. They (sit) _______ _________(3) around the big table in the cafeteria, (talk) ________(4) in small groups. I (sit) _______ ________(5) alone. I (be) _______(6) pretty nervous. I (hope) _______(7) the other students (not, think) _______ _______ ________(8) I am weird. I (write) _______ ________(9) in my diary right now to look like I (have) _______(10) something important to do.

For lunch today, I (have) _______(11) an apple, pretzels, and a tuna fish sandwich. I (hate) _______(12) tuna fish, but my mom (love) ________(13) it. She (say) _______(14) it is good for me. She (pack) ________(15) it for me every day, so I (guess) ________(16) I have to eat it. I (also, have) ________ ________(17) some cookies. At least I (like) ________(18) to eat those.

Hey! The girls at the big table (look) _______ ________(19) at me! What (they, want) _______ ________ ________(20)? They (laugh) _______ ________(21) at something. What (
Oh my gosh! One of them (come) ______ _________(25) this way! Stay calm, Rachel. She is not going to hurt you. She is just another girl like you, right?

Wait. Now she (hold) _______ _________(26) out her hand to me. Does she (want) ________(27) to be friends? What (she, do) _______ ________ _________(28)? Oh, I know! She (invite) _______ _________(29) me to her table! Maybe I (be, not) _______ _______(30) that weird after all!
they, laugh) _______ ________ _________
(22) at? I hope they (not, laugh) _______ _______ _________(23) at me. I (get) _______ ________(24) nervous again.



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