Saturday, August 10, 2013

Confusing Verbs: RAISE and RISE

The basic meaning of the two verbs, 'raise' and 'rise', is almost the same - moving up, from a low position to a higher position, either physically or metaphorically. The difference between them is grammatical.
'Raise' needs an object, and 'rise' cannot take an object. Example, “I think that the government of this country needs to raise taxes.” ('taxes' is the object of the verb);   OR “ I think that taxes need to rise.”    “We are always talking about the need to raise standards. ('standards' is the object of the verb)   OR  “Standards need to rise.”

raise / raised / raised(transitive verb)
rise / rose / risen   (intransitive verb)

1. If you have any questions, ___ your hand and I'll try to help you.
2. The student ___ a very good question about the importance of security in the big cities.
3. The sun ___ in the east.

4. Our community ___ money for the victims of the plane accident.
is rising
is raising

5. He ___ to an important position in the company.

6. She's ___ three children without her husband's financial support.
7. Unemployment ___ quickly in the metropolitan areas.
is rising
is raising
8. They ___ chickens on their farm.
9. The price of gas ___ by 5%.
has raised
has risen

10. Don't ___ your voice to me! I'm still your boss.
11. The people decided to ___ up against the new government politics.



1.      raise your hand

2.      raised a good question

3.      rises in the east

4.      is raising money

5.      rose to an important position

6.      has raised three children

7.      is rising quickly

8.      raise chickens

9.      has risen

10.  raise your voice
rise up against


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