Saturday, March 3, 2012

Peer Pressure

Friends are an important part of growing up. Your peers are going through many of the same things that you are experiencing and can play a supportive and positive role in your life.

Unfortunately, some friends may not be your true friends. They may try to pressure you into doing things that you know you should not do. This is called peer pressure.

For example, your friends may try to pressure you into trying cigarettes, drugs or alcohol. If they are trying to talk you into trying something you know is unhealthy or dangerous, this person may not be a true friend.

You may also notice peer pressure at school when your friends exclude one classmate from games during recess or activities during class. Your friends may look at you funny when you talk to this person or try to make you feel bad for including him or her in the group. Remember, that it hurts when you are left out too. Always treat people with respect and kindness, no matter how your friends act.

Part of growing up is learning to make smart choices and decisions for yourself. Do not let other people pressure you, real friends will stick by you and respect the choices you make.



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